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Every time I think I have a rhythm going and things are straightened out, something happens to throw chaos at me again!  This time it was in the form of computer difficulties, issues that sent my editing machine to the hospital!  I figured it would not be easy to get behind, but I was looking at it as an opportunity to get to other things I had been neglecting.  And then the boom hit.  A few babies came way early, a few sessions needed to be scheduled with short notice, and other scheduled sessions were waiting to be processed.  My life as a Sonora photographer was suddenly too backed up!  I now have a new computer that I am setting up to my specs so I can crank out the editing while I wait for the old one to return from the shop.  So things have been a bit slow here, and they might be for another few days as I catch up.  But here is a sweet image from a recent newborn session to look at because I just can’t have a blog post without an image!

Sonora newborn photographer Christine Dibble Photography takes portraits of a newborn baby girl and her big sister in the Sonora studio.

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  • Jentry Dryden - So sorry to hear about your computer troubles! I hope everything gets resolved quickly and you get your computer set up the way you like it 🙂 This is a beautiful shot of a mom and new baby, too. Absolutely precious.

  • Marina - This photo is so gorgeous! Babies are unpredictable and they can make the schedule of a newborn photographer quite tricky! Looking forward to seeing your more recent sessions on your blog in the next few weeks.

  • Ashley S. - Goodness, I can certainly understand what all these photographer issues are like! We recently got a new computer, too, and it takes some getting used to. Hopefully your Sonora area photography clients have patience. 🙂 You’re worth the wait.

  • Megan - So happy to hear that you’ve got your computer struggles figured out and also its such a happy thing to be busy! just love this time of year!

  • Allison Anderson - I’ve had to send my computer in for fixing — and you really feel lost without it! I hope you are enjoying the new computer and catching up on your editing! It’s probably good that it happened now and instead of the middle of Sonora’s wedding season!

  • Kathy - Oh no! It’s so un-nerving when your work flow gets messed up for some reason. The photo above is gorgeous, I love the deep black and white, I always feel like emotion is conveyed so strongly in black and white photos. You can feel the love pouring out of this one! Hopefully your computer problems are resolved soon and you can get back to cranking those beautiful images out!

  • Samantha - Beautiful newborn portrait. This one picture speaks a 1,000 words about the love this mom has for her newborn baby. Beautiful.