Sonora, CA Newborn Photographer | 16 Days New | Christine Dibble Photography

There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby. I have photographed this little guy’s older siblings, and it is so cool to see this family grow. He already has more than his share of kisses and hands grabbing at him as he tries to sleep. Maybe that is why he was not really happy with me trying to move him around during his very first photo session. The poor kid would just like a peaceful nap for once! But he did sleep enough to get some cute shots of him in all his newness. And then he was able to sleep soundly in the car all the way home! Sonora, CA Newborn Portraits_0284.jpg
Sonora, CA Newborn Portraits_0285.jpg
Sonora, CA Newborn Portraits_0286.jpg
Sonora, CA Newborn Portraits_0287.jpg
Sonora, CA Newborn Portraits_0288.jpg
Sonora, CA Newborn Portraits_0289.jpg
Sonora, CA Newborn Portraits_0290.jpg
Sonora, CA Newborn Portraits_0291.jpg

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