Sonora, CA Senior Portraits | Miss Addie | Christine Dibble Photography

Addie spent some of her elementary school years here in town, and then her family made a cross country move to Florida. A couple of weeks ago, Addie went through graduation ceremonies in Florida with her class, and then immediately hopped a flight to California to spend the summer with her grandparents before heading to college in San Diego. I was lucky enough to get to take senior portraits of her here in Sonora. We drove around the mountains, stopping here and there, and we even got rained on! But the rain helped saturate the colors in the background and added an awesome effect. Addie was up for anything, and she just rolled right along with the changes in weather and location, and that ability will take her far in her college career and in life! Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0217.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0218.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0219.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0220.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0221.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0222.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0223.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0224.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0225.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0226.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0227.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0228.jpg
Sonora, CA Senior Portraits_0229.jpg

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  • Marty - Love the black and white! Beautiful locations!!! Beautiful girl!