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Destanie and Clyde had a gorgeous Twain Harte Tree Farm wedding…on a Tuesday! Actually, a mid-week wedding can be a great way to go because it often means lower prices from wedding vendors since they are not working on a peak day. And saving money in some areas can really help make the wedding of your dreams a reality…and that was certainly true for Destanie and Clyde. Both the bride and the groom had a hand in making table runners, wooden signs, even the cake and cake stand. After quickly decorating in the afternoon, Destanie got dressed in her gorgeous dress and headed down the aisle to Clyde. Guests ate a meal while we took some couple shots after the ceremony, and then the bride and groom returned to cut the cake and relax. You can never go wrong with Twain Harte Tree Farm as a wedding venue. It is beautiful everywhere you go, and Don and Peggy really go out of their way to provide deluxe dressing areas for the bridal party and to make sure that the only hitch along the way is the one that is supposed to take place. Add to that a ceremony during the golden hour, and it makes for perfect portraits too! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Smith for allowing me to capture the start of your life together!

Twain Harte Tree Farm Wedding Christine Dibble PhotographyTwain Harte Tree Farm Wedding Christine Dibble PhotographyTwain Harte Tree Farm Wedding Christine Dibble PhotographyTwain Harte Tree Farm Wedding Christine Dibble Photography
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  • Destanie Smith - Thank you so much Christine! You had such short notice with us planning a whole wedding in three weeks and then changing venue three days before! You rock! Great job! Definitely coming to you for family portraits once we can afford it 🙂 xoxo