Sonora, CA Newborn Photographer | Nine Days New | Christine Dibble Photography

This sweet baby girl, only nine days new, was born into a house full of boys, but there is no shortage of love there. Her two big brothers are thrilled to have her, and they love to hold, kiss and cuddle their baby sister. She was not sure she wanted to fall asleep and miss all that action at first, but keeping up with two big brothers is hard work, and she eventually gave in and took a nap. She better sleep often so she can grow and catch up to those two because she has a lot of adventure ahead of her! Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0148.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0149.jpg
Sonora, CA newborn Portraits_0150.jpg
Sonora, CA Newborn Portraits_0151.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0152.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0153.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0154.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0155.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0156.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0157.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0158.jpg

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