Sonora, CA Children’s Photographer| A Fish Eye, a Lensbaby, and a Leather Jacket

I may be an adult, but I still get excited about new toys, especially when they are toys just for me!  At the end of last year, I suddenly had a whole slew of new toys to play with including a whole new lighting system, a fish eye lens, and a Lensbaby tilt shift.  I was so busy that it actually took a lot longer than I planned before I was able to really test everything.  But one day during Christmas vacation, I grabbed my trusty model, my pile of toys, and we set out to experiment.  Even though it cost me a small bribe in the form of a piece of candy, I think he was secretly happy to have some alone time with mom and a chance to model his new favorite jacket, even if it meant driving all over Sonora.  And he even agreed to sit for me a couple more times as I had time to experiment again.  But I sure don’t mind capturing those big blue eyes again and again.

Sunset with lights Lights at sunset Serious B Lensbaby by wall Fish Eye by wall Looks like Dad Lensbaby by ivy Fish Eye with sunflare Fish eye with graffiti

Ghost Blue eyes

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