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I have three boys. They rarely like to be photographed. In fact, it usually takes some serious bribes, lots of stern words to “quit putting your brother in a headlock!”, and countless images where one or all are making  awful faces or looking thoroughly bored. So when Colby’s girlfriend offered to model for me anytime (She was perfect here), I was excited to finally have someone feminine to photograph! We were just going to go play with the camera one day, but Colby couldn’t let his mother get to spend time with his girl without him along. So the day turned into a playful couple session instead. We played around in the studio first, just pulling items from my closet and vintage stash to mimic June and Johnny Cash and Grease. Then we headed to a wooded location in Twain Harte to take some outdoor portraits. Colby was very happy to dress up and play whatever part we gave him. We even found half a stick-on mustache on his vest and worked with that! When I shoot his senior portrait session in a couple of months, I will definitely be bringing Julian along, just to keep him happy!Sonora portrait photographer Christine Dibble Photography takes studio portraits of a couple dressed as June and Johnny Cash and Grease charachters.

Grease 7742cb.jpg

June and Johnny Cash 7757bw.jpg

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  • Casey - Such a fun session!!!

  • Jenny Storment - Wow Corey this couple session was so cute. I love all the different fun photos you got of your son’s girlfriend and I love that he wanted to be part of the shoot if she was involved. I really love the one of them having the big cheese smiles so funny.

  • Corey - What a great couples session! I love how you captured your son and his girlfriend. The different looks are so much fun!

  • Maria Martinez - What a fun “playful couple” session! I love that his girlfriend wanted to model for you and got your son to join! So many adorable shots!

  • Allison Anderson - What a cute session with your son and girlfriend — they are doing a great job channeling Danny and Sandy from Grease! You must have a great relationship with them as a couple because they looked comfortable and at ease in front of your camera.

  • Melanie Painter - This is such a fun couple’s photography session! Your son is such a good sport 🙂 I love the umbrella shots!

  • jennifer - What a beautiful portrait session in Sonora, I love how creative you were able to be with them, it makes for some pretty amazing images. Love all the diversity here too. Great work.

  • Samantha - These play couple photos are so precious! I love how they are so natural and truly capture how fun this couple has with one another. The shots with the reflection pond are my absolute favorite. Stunning!

  • Kathy - Christine, you know I am a big fan of your work, and I am always impressed with the consistently high level of photography you put out, but these portraits are seriously AMAZING!!! The backlit one in your studio (June & Johnny Cash) looks like a movie poster. It’s amazing! I love the photos you took at Twain Harte as well! Seriously amazing!

  • Jennifer Rittenberry - Twain Harte was the perfect location for this playful couples session. I loved that you son finally allowed you to get some fun photos of him with his girlfriend; sometimes all it takes is a woman’s touch! lol. My favorite image is the one of them kissing behind his cowboy hat. It doesn’t get any cuter than that!