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Just a single frame today…a teaser for the full post later. I know that little ones are turned completely upside down when a younger sibling arrives. They feel the excitement of the parents, and they get excited too…until reality hits them and it is obvious that this new baby must now steal away a lot of attention from mom and dad. When siblings come along for some family photos at a newborn portrait session, I am never sure what will be arriving…a truly happy older child, or a pretty grumpy one. But there have been a few times now that I have had the parents say that the older sibling has not looked at the baby or touched the baby or even acknowledged it. And a few of those times, I have captured that first connection. That is such a special thing! Sonora newborn and family photographer Christine Dibble Photography takes a portrait of a big brother reaching out to calm his crying newborn baby brother while dad helps during a newborn and family portrait session in the Sonora studio.

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  • Patty - what a sweet sneak peek. It can be a challenge for sure getting older siblings to cooperate during the newborn session. I love that you captured the first interaction here. So sweet.

  • Samantha - I just love sneak peeks! How adorable is dad with his two little ones during their family portrait session!

  • Effie L. - What an amazingly sweet newborn photo!
    Love the interaction between dad and big little brother there!
    Great capture!

  • Doru - Just wow!! What a powerful image! Looking forward to see the whole story!

  • Ashley S. - Aw, what a special moment caught during their newborn session! I think this family is going to really cherish this photo of their children with Daddy.

  • Jennifer - OH Christine dibble photography your teaser is just killing me haha, this is such an amazing photograph. I will be stalking your page to see how this session turned out. This moment is so precious, you can see how excited that daddy is in this photo he has both his babies in his arms! Pure love here!!

  • Kathy - Oh how sweet! And so wonderful that you were able to capture that first moment for them, I am sure they will cherish it forever. My son didn’t acknowledge his little sister for a bit at first, but now he loves her. I would love to have that first moment frozen in time. 🙂

  • Alexia Garcia - Awww, this shot melts my heart! Both daddy and big brother are supper happy to have a cute little angle in their family! Such a great shot from such a great newborn photographer!

  • Corey - This is such a precious newborn shot with Daddy and big brother. So sweet!

  • Michelle Morgan - Wonderful photo of dad with his little boy and newborn.