Sonora, CA Children’s Photographer | Two Years and a Tutu | Christine Dibble Photography

For this two year old, it is all about the tutu! She may call every dress a “coocoo” right now, but she has a really soft spot for genuine tulle tutus, and she is so insistent on wearing them, that even her pajamas have tulle skirts on them. When we took her out for her two year pictures, we had a bag with a secret stash of outfits. We had to start with a plain dress and offer mini bribes to coax smiles. Then after the second outfit change, we pulled out the big guns…”If you smile for a picture, we’ll put a tutu on you! A brand new tutu!” That got the job done. Boy did her face light up when she saw the new rainbow tutu! And once it was on, the singing and dancing started, and she happily pranced and pirouetted her way through the grass. I love those shots of her just being exactly who she is right now! Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0323.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0324.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0325.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0326.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0327.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0328.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0329.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0330.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0331.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0332.jpg

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  • Gretchen - I love these now but I know through experience I will love them even more in the years to come. Thank you so much!