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Haley contacted me several weeks ago about doing a photoshoot on her birthday. She wanted to be a princess all day, and she thought a princess-themed shoot would be a perfect thing to do. Haley lost her dad a couple of months ago. She was very close to him, and this was her first birthday without him, and it was not easy for her. She arrived to meet me complete with tiara, a beautiful dress and shoes, and a smile. Haley also brought bubbles and a bubble machine. We took some shots, and then she brought out the bubbles. The bubbles flew in one direction, and then they would shift and go in another direction completely. Haley chased them, laughing while trying to pop individual bubbles with a finger. She looked just like I imagine she did as a five year old, chasing bubbles that her dad blew for her. I suddenly got chills and had to make a point of keeping my camera to my face instead of just watching her. It really felt like he was there with those bubbles. And the weird thing is that later, when I posted a single image on facebook, someone commented that “It looks like you are reaching for your daddy!” As the last of the bubbles blew away, she stood there with her hand up, as if she were waving goodbye and reaching out to someone at the same time. It is emotions like that that I feel honored to capture through my lens. I may be capturing memories for other people, but they reach out to me just as much. Thank you, Haley, for giving me that opportunity.
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