Sonora, CA Children’s Photographer | Mr. B | Christine Dibble Photography

I first met Mr. B as a newborn one year ago. It is hard to believe he was ready to pose for his one year portraits! As a children’s photographer, it is a lot of fun to watch these kids grow. I get to get a baby fix without having to stay up all night changing diapers! This little guy has western in his genes, but he has not quite taken to the feel of a cowboy hat yet. No matter what we did, he pulled it off as soon as it was dropped on his head. He was not really sure about the gooey cupcake frosting either. But that is probably because it didn’t taste like the dirt and rocks he kept putting in his mouth. Hopefully one day he will learn to appreciate good food–and a good hat!

Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0023.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0024.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0025.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0026.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0027.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0028.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0029.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0030.jpg
Sonora, CA Children's Portraits_0031.jpg

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