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There is a group of local Sonora area photographers who get together about once a month to do group shoots of varying themes.  The most recent one was a high fashion model shoot.  There were five girls, each with very different outfit and make-up styles.  Heather from Flawless Hair and Make-up Design worked all day to produce some amazing make-up looks for Heather, Alex,  Tessa, and Bethany, and Sheree took care of their hair.  We shot at an old lime plant that has been abandoned and is crumbling, but there are several layers to it with fabulous backdrops.  There were walls, staircases, tunnels, round cement rooms, trees, green grass, and open fields all within a few feet of each other.  The graffiti added character.  Each model was assigned a certain spot, and the photographers rotated from model to model and had only seven minutes to shoot at each station.  It was a bit rough for some in their very high heels, but they were all troopers, and every one of the models climbed on walls or trees, and sat or lay in the white dust to satisfy the whims of the photographers.  It was an unseasonably warm day too, which helped those who didn’t wear jackets!

I took the opportunity to try some new things.  At one station, I used my Lensbaby exclusively.  At another, I used my light.  I even pulled out the fish eye at a third.  If we do a shoot like this again, I plan to do something different for each station…a different lens for each, or a different technique or way of shooting, for example.  Since I usually aim to capture people as they really are, and I don’t tend to do a lot of specific posing, this was a bit if a stretch for me anyway, and that was a good thing.  I am excited to see what next month brings!

Tessa on wall Tessa close Tessa face Blowing kisses Fish eye Alex Alex Alex modeling Alex on bench Alex BW Alex in tunnel Alex reclining Heather Heather close Heather on wall Heather blur Tessa on stairs Sassy Fifties Tessa Curls Tessa flower Bethany BW Bethany leans smiling Serious Sitting Bethany closer Bethany eyes Bethany graffiti

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  • Alexia Wardell - These are all really great! Excellent job! Love the shot of the model laying down, really beautiful light and such!

  • Gretchen B. - Fabulous pictures. I love the different lens and light! Hard to pick a favorite but if I did I would say the black and white. I love the close ups. You capture people in an amazing way!

  • Joleen - You did such an amazing job Christine! I love your take on each girl, and I love seeing all your abilities in the different techniques you used so beautifully!