Little Princess

Bella+4944+j+webThis little princess came back for another photo session to mark her two year birthday.  True to form, she had a wardrobe fit for a diva.  Every woman should have a dress this fabulous at least once in her life, and that once is usually her wedding.  I loved my wedding dress…still do…but I am not sure I can say it was this fabulous!  Little Miss B has raised the bar pretty high, and she will have to work pretty hard to top this at her own wedding!  The dress was custom made from, and the headband was made by
I really love that her mom incorporates family treasures into her photos too.  The chair has been in the family, and there are pictures of her mother in it as a little girl.  And the hand made treasured pink blanket has been in every photo session so far.  Now there is a beautiful dress to pass down to the next generation as well!

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