Sabrina and Jason got married in a beautiful ceremony at Hurst Ranch, complete with the train that delivered the bridal party to the aisle.  The whole day was emotional; everyone was tearing up.  Even I had to dry my eyes a few times so I could see to shoot.  Watching Sabrina look at Jason made me weak in the knees–I can only imagine what it does to him!  She has a way of looking at him sideways and up through her dark lashes with such adoration, I don’t think he stands a chance whenever she wants something.  The invitations and decorations were all hand made.  The veil was hand beaded, and Sabrina’s necklace was made for her after her dress was on so it could be customized.   And as if she didn’t already have enough to do, the mother of the bride made all the dinner food!  Even Jason’s favorite football team was recognized with cufflinks and a special garter.  The setting, the food, the love and support of all the guests really made for a great start to what I am sure will be a happy marriage.  Sabrina and Jason, thank you so much for letting me document your day!

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