Sonora Senior Portrait Photographer | Summerville High School Graduation | Christine Dibble Photography

It is graduation season, and this year,while I do not have a kid graduating from a milestone grade, Colby has a girlfriend graduating from high school. So he gets to watch her go through all the festivities that will be waiting for him next year. He gets a summer to hang onto her hand before she goes off to college. So I thought this photo was appropriate…she is flying off to reach for her dreams, and he want to keep her close just a little longer. Maybe next year we can repeat the photo while I hold onto his hand…Sonora senior portrait photographer Christine Dibble Photography takes a levitation photo of a Summerville High School graduate floating away as her junior boyfriend tries to keep her from flying off.

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  • Katie - How sweet! and yes I’m sure I’d be doing the same as you next year if my babies were graduating!!

  • Jenny Storment - OMG this photos is perfect for your son’s situation. I love this photo so much a great option for any parents of a kid about to graduate, I’m just saying 😉

  • Ashley S. - Aw, that’s such a cute idea for a graduation photo! I’m sure it’s hard to be a junior/ senior and seeing all your friends move on. (and even harder to be the mother!)

  • Melanie Painter - This is such a fun graduation photograph! Your son will be there soon enough and you will be the one holding onto his foot 😉

  • Brenden - What a great graduation photo! It’s amazing how fast time speeds up the older you get and before you know your son will be graduating too.

  • Ashley - I really adore the concept of this shot! It’s an interesting way of showing that he still adores his girlfriend but is happy for her to pursue her dreams and goals. Can’t wait to see his senior photos and next year’s version of this image!

  • Allison Anderson - I would love to see the behind the scenes for this really cool Sonora senior Portrait! It is such a fabulous idea and I think you should totally recreate it next year for yourself when your son graduates from Sumnerville High School.

  • Jentry Dryden - This is so, so adorable! Very creative. Good luck to your son’s girlfriend at college. Hope they have an awesome summer!

  • Jennifer Rittenberry - If you repeat this photo again with your son and yourself next year, then it will depict exactly what every mother feels when their little babies grow up and get ready to leave for college. I’m dealing with that myself this year and it’s tough! I love that you were able to save this moment for him of his girlfriend though; it will hold a lot of sentimental value when they can look back in a year from now to see how much just 12 short months can change their situation!