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There is something about the bond between girlfriends that is so fun, but when the girlfriends are sisters, it is even more special!  These two are true best friends, which is a good thing since they have never been apart. I borrowed them for a photo shoot just to play, and then Katherine from Hopefully Romantic provided some flower wreaths and a bouquet to use as well. The girls have such a delicate look that went so well with the beautiful handmade flowers. They giggled all the way through the afternoon. The day before had been really warm, but our odd spring weather took an about-face once again, and there was a serious chill in the air. (Something I have learned to roll with being a photographer in Sonora!)  They shivered their way through the session in the thin dresses, but they never stopped smiling. I asked for some serious looks, no smiles, and they just couldn’t do it. And they had lots to say to each other when I asked them to whisper in each others’ ears. It looks like so much fun to have a sister!

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  • Jenna Michelle - What beautiful young ladies! I think that anybody looking for a Sonora Photographer would be so happy to have such stunning images!

  • Nicole - What a beautiful family photographer in Tuolumne County!!! Beautiful location, love the flowers.

  • Christine - I love these sisters/siblings photos! Very natural, candid, loving, and fun photography!!!!

  • Suri - This is a sweet, innocent session. Love their personality and genuine smiles. You have captured the bond between these twins Christine Dibble Photography.

  • anne - Wow! These images are stunning! These Sonora twins are so lucky to have each other and have such a wonderful photographer. You captured their beauty very well.

  • Mel - Such lovely images of these children! I think Sonora must be thrilled to have such beautiful photography in their midst!

  • Tasha - Wow!!! These images are gorgeous. This is a lovely stylized sibling portrait session, and you picked a beautiful location in Tuolumne!

  • Victoria Johansson - Oh my gosh- these images are so lovely!

  • Hannah - What a beautiful Sonora child session! You can really see how much fun these girls have together and the photography styling is beautiful.

  • Allison Anderson - Fun session with these twin girls in Sonora California! Very nice to see photos of older twins.

  • Jennifer Jens - Every single one of these images is gorgeous!!! They look timeless and innocent. I love it to pieces!

  • Alyssa - Love this session! Such fantastic captures…I almost can hear these girls giggling as I looked through the photos! Such a talented Sonora photographer! This sisters will cherish these photos forever!!