Colby and Brennen took their first airplane rides today.  They met at Columbia airport with a group of boys (because the first part was NOT scout related at all!), and everyone was able to ride in a small plane with a pilot.  Some boys went alone, some were sent up with one or two others.  Colby was pretty nervous at home before we left, but once I explained that the safety rates were better than riding in a car, he was okay.  And he loved every minute of it.  So did Brennen.  After the flights, we went over to a private hangar and a pilot went over everything they needed to cover to earn the Aviation Merit Badge for Boy Scouts.  This pilot had two antique planes that the boys got to check out up close.  After a hot dog BBQ we were off.  But they both said this was one of the most exciting things they have ever done!

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